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Do you need extra room on the plane?

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

We’ve all taken that long overnight flight to some far-flung vacation destination and had to endure the tight seating configuration on the airplane. You have tried every yoga position you know to try to get comfortable, be it sitting on the aisle or the window, and save us all if you are the poor soul that has the middle seat, there is just no way to get enough room to get comfortable. The window seat has the wall to lean against for support while almost sleeping, the aisle has, well the aisle, to stretch into (until the drink cart comes along). As you sit in coach, now called economy jealous of the well to do sitting in the fancy lay flat first class seats, you begin to wonder how much does it cost to sit there and is it actually worth the extra expense for the extra room. Well I am here to tell you, there is an option for those traveling on a budget but not a skinny budget. What about 3 yes, I said 3, seats in economy. Now you have the window, the aisle AND the middle seat enjoy. You don’t have to worry about some stranger listening to your conversation or peaking at your iPad screen. You don’t have to step over a random person to get out of the row or get something out of the overhead. You have that extra under seat storage so you can stretch your legs out under your own seat. You and bae can take turns leaning on one another and stretching your legs across the empty seat and catching a nap. Oh, and bonus, you get an extra drink, because you paid for that with your extra seat, and an extra meal if you want it. This 3rd seat option works for Comfort+ as well, but the savings are greatly reduced, but remember, you are still getting that extra 18” of seat space. So, next time you are looking at take that trip to some exotic location that requires you to fly overnight. Compare the rates and look to see if you can fit a 3rd seat in your budget. Your body will thank you when you get to your destination and you have energy to get out and go!

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